💸 sellout

🥰 by acaiberii

sellout documentation

sellout supports syntax highlighting with codemirror, and dynamic module/script renaming based on the name u save ur file as.

supported scripts:

scripting language documentation is also provided in the main editor.

basic editor features

language display

when u switch languages, a new template will be shown, and ur language display will be updated to show u the current language ur scripting in as well as the documentation.

auto rename

when u rename ur file, the module/script name will also be updated in ur editor. if it's left blank it defaults to Example.

simplify gui

if ur GUI looks too nasty and cluttered, sellOut offers a simplify GUI button to toggle unneccesary elements from the sidebar.

bugs, etc

exporting scripts

download script

download the script in the correct format, unminifed. for zeroday this downloads a java file, for langs like cedoscript/liquidscript/zarscript/moonscript it'll download a js file.

build script

(beta) minifies javascripts like cedoscript/liquidscript/zarscript/moonscript, and packages zerodevelop scripts into zip files and downloads them as a jar file. powered by jszip.